Are you a Gratefulist?


Over the years I have read in a million different places about the importance and power of gratitude. While intellectually I have  understood this I’ve never experienced it in the way I have in the past month.

Over the past month I’ve totally become a gratefulist.

Isn’t making up words just wonderful? 🙂

So what do I mean?

Well I’ve been consciously looking for stuff in my life to be grateful for.


Well, because I had become aware that I was again getting lost in looking at the destination, (imaginary as that is) and that this involved me noticing what I believed wasn’t in my life and experience, as opposed to what is actually there.

I was also challenged by a book by Dr John Demartini, in which he said that if we listed all the qualities we are looking for in the things we want in our lives that they are already there it is just that we can’t see them…. Really???? Hmmmm wasn’t convinced.

So I decided to do something different.

Because when we want change we need to do something different right?

To be totally honest at first I sometimes struggled for things to be grateful for, but now I can see that this is because there is just so much stuff I was taking for granted and was blind to.

Yes, there have been some times it has been easier to do than others, but once I get going it gets a momentum all of it’s own. It feels like a game.

But here’s the thing once you get going it seems to build a momentum all of it’s own and it’s just truly amazing the things that we have to be grateful for. Even things as simple as I can get in the shower when I choose and there is running hot water. I can breathe with ease. I can choose my thoughts. I have a choice of food.

And so where am I now?

Well I find myself feeling total bursts of genuine joy for no reason – even when my logical mind tells me I shouldn’t be feeling this way. It is probably making me appear a bit weird or deluded to others – or maybe just a pain in the ass!

But what if being grateful is one of the ways we can truly connect to our hearts and the wisdom of our knowingness?

Many of us are great at complaining and moaning – imagine if we redirected that energy to things we feel grateful for. Now that would really begin to change the world.


Singing in the rain


I currently stay in Glasgow. It is a city where, in my opinion, too many people spend too much time moaning about the weather……

So yesterday it was absolutely pishing* down….. There’s just no other word that describes the way in which the water was coming from the clouds in the sky.

Somewhere in the afternoon there was a gap in the rain and the most beautiful rainbows appeared.

Ah, the wonderful beautiful planet that we live on. rainbows and rain

Anyway, the rainbows inspired me to get on my runners and go for, what could loosely be termed, a run  – while it was dry….. Five minutes in and it started to rain, but I decided to keep going because skin is waterproof 🙂

Running in the rain, listening to great tunes and getting truly soaked made me feel utterly and completely alive. It was totally bloody exhilarating!!! I was practically skipping (yes I am still doing that, for those of you who have read earlier blogs) and I have to confess I was singing out loud too……

But here’s the thing. Running in the rain made me feel alive like I haven’t felt in a while. I was totally present in my body and in the moment and what a glorious moment it was.

By the time I got back home I literally had to prise my running stuff off my body. I was so wet it was almost sticking to me like glue.

However, what has stayed with me is the awareness that I want to feel like this for more of my wonderful life. To feel fully alive, connected and filled with joy and gratitude. To live a life of glorious technicolor in 3D, not a two dimensional fuzzy life.

Life is for living, not existing.

So here’s the question I want to leave you with because it is one that I will be asking myself this week……….

What could you do in your life today that would make you feel truly alive connected and full of joy?

*Pishing  is a Glasgow slang word with multiple uses – one of which being to describe really heavy rain :)))


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A world where everyone knew that abundance was their true nature.

Where everyone knew what their gift was and what contribution they were here to make to the planet and humanity.

Where everyone shared what they had because they knew in their hearts there was enough for everyone.

Where kindness was the norm.

Where everyone knew they were the creators of their world and that all the power of the universe lay within them.

Where everyone knew that we are all one and so loved flowed freely because to hurt another is to hurt ourselves.

Where everyone had fun creating.

Where there was collaboration and not competition.

Where we all led with our hearts and not our heads.

Where we focused our energy towards what we wanted to create.

Where we used our words to inspire and uplift others.

Where we were in constant awe of the miracles that are us and our magical planet all the time.

Just imagine – how awesomely cool would that be?

Anything and everything is possible and we get to choose.

This is me, who are you?

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I KNOW that I am a powerful creator, capable of more than I could imagine in my wildest dreams. What I believe I will create.

I WISH that everyone could truly know and experience their awesomeness. That everyone could experience that life can be fun and expansive when we connect with our magic.

I DREAM of a world where we are all eager to get up and  go out and play in the world every day. How cool would that be?(I’d get up earlier!)burning heart

I NEVER settle. It’s simply not in my nature. I’m an adventurer an explorer and more is always possible. I want it all.

I BELIEVE that judgement crushes possibilities. We limit ourselves, we just do it unwittingly.

I THINK questions are the way to change our world. Conclusions stick our energy, questions create new possibilities and more choices.

I LOVE connection. I love connecting with the energy of the world around me: trees, people, animals. Everything has something to gift us when we are willing to receive it. Connection makes my heart sing, it makes me feel joy and alive and makes the energy course through my body so that every nerve ending tingles.

I HOPE you read this and it gets you thinking about what you would write if you were to put your words here instead of me 🙂

The Joy of…. Skipping


I’ve taken to skipping.

A bit random I know (and perhaps you’re thinking ‘how ridiculous’).

But, I was recently with a friend and we were walking down the street. I could really feel he wanted to skip and so I suggested we skip. And skip we did. And we laughed and laughed.

I feel like I should point out here that I’m in my 40s and my friend is in his 50s. And that’s what it made it so ridiculous and funny. Adults don’t skip! Or so the story goes, in this world where living can be such a serious business. Except, it was such fun and had us giggling like kids.

So every day since then I’ve allowed myself to break into a skip at some point when the urge takes me. It always makes me laugh. Always.

And sometimes I’ve dragged unwitting friends into my skipping if they happen to be with me when the urge takes me. And guess what – it makes them laugh too!!!

Skipping, it turns out lets me connect with the essence of me. The essence that doesn’t care how I appear to others, the essence that doesn’t have an image to protect. The essence that just wants to be let loose to play. It keeps my energy light and lets my soul play. Skip

Do you ever feel such joy in your body, that it just wants to move to express that – how often do you hold yourself back in life because you don’t want to appear ridiculous……Except in holding yourself back you also stop yourself from experiencing the joy that is constantly available in life.

Go on, give it a go. Let yourself go. Skip skip skip. I guarantee it will make you laugh.

Let it go…..


I have a beautiful new bracelet. It was an unexpected gift, which was the most lovely surprise, and I love and adore unexpected surprises.

It was given to me by a very dear friend. When she shared with me how she came to choose this particular gift, I was really touched by the amount of thought she had put into it.

My very lovely friend knows that I love rainbows. She wanted to get me something that had a connection with a rainbow. She said she had no idea what to buy me, but knew she would recognise it when she saw it.

This stopped me in my tracks. The universe was talking to me. You see I’ve been trying to create something, but have been quite prescriptive about how it ‘should’ show up and what it ‘should’ look like.

I felt like that the universe was saying,

What if you just trusted me to deliver what you’ve asked for?  bracelet

What if you trusted yourself to recognise it when it showed up?

What if you could let go of what you thought it should look like. You are tying my hands…..’

When something is feeling like hard work, often we’re pushing the energy. When we’re in the flow it’s effortless.

So what if it’s about letting go of all our points of view of how things ‘should’ show up and just letting things show up in their own way and their own time?

When we have conclusions about how things ‘should’ be, we limit the limitless universe. It can only work with who we are and what we believe.

So as well as getting a beautiful unexpected gift, I also got another gift – a message from the universe.

How does it get better than that?

So my mantra for now is ‘let it go’.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

And do you know what is funny? The universe totally confirmed it for me. Because last night I opened a new book and in bold on the page this is what it said ‘Freedom comes when you learn to let go’

What can show up when we drop our stories and expectations and allow the universe to do it’s magic, is beyond our wildest dreams.

What if you really KNEW what you had asked for was coming? What if you knew all you had to do was keep taking tiny inspired steps in the direction you wanted to move in and let the universe surprise you?

What difference could that make in your life? How much more fun would that be?

What do you need to let go of???

Do it! Just as an experiment to see what happens. The universe is awesome!!!

What’s your personal manifesto?


A while ago I came across someone who had written their personal manifesto. It felt like such a cool thing to do and I wondered what I would put on mine…… So I sat down and surprisingly it was easy to write. So here it is. I’d love to share it with you.

It’s in no particular order, written from my heart, and like everything else in life I expect it will morph and grow as I do……

  1. See the good and beauty in everything. Happiness Manifesto
  2. Do things that make me feel good.
  3. Remember that everyone has their story. Respect that.
  4. My only point of power is only ever here and now.
  5. Speak my truth.
  6. Live from my heart, not my head.
  7. I am a beautiful spirit in an awesome, miraculous body.
  8. Everything is possible. Dream big.
  9. Follow my inspiration.
  10. Look for more possibilities. Ask questions.
  11. I am not my feelings.
  12. I create my experience here on planet earth.
  13. My true nature is abundance.
  14. Laugh at myself – don’t take life too seriously.
  15. Don’t take things personally.
  16. Ask my body what it needs of what it is telling me. It knows.
  17. I am infinite potential, limited by nothing except myself.

Take a little time. Sit and dream. What would your personal manifesto say?

What’s important to you as you create your life?

Kids v adults…. Who’s really teaching who?


There have been periods in my life when I haven’t felt good enough. Sort of like an imposter. When I’ve been in situations where perhaps I’ve have allowed myself to feel intimidated by others, although they probably were unaware of it!

I’ve never really been able to figure it out…… Recently it came up for me again and a random conversation with a dear friend made the whole thing clearer for me. (At this point I would like to say that this dear friend is a man of nearly 60, but he reminds me more of a teenage girl at heart. He’s a kindred free spirit.)

In sharing my ‘perceived plight’, he started to tell me he felt the same. The more we talked about it, the more clear it seemed to be that there are some of us on this planet who are taking ourselves very seriously (the adults) and others of us who just want to play and have fun (the kids).  I’m definitely in the latter category.

I’m a big kid at heart. It’s just that I’m a kid dressed up in an adult body. I want to have fun and play.

I think that life’s supposed to be fun and that we’re here to experience ourselves as the awesome creators we are. I don’t want to live in the adult world. It doesn’t feel like so much fun there to me.

But I think that often somewhere along the line we really forgot that and too many of us became really serious about fixing ourselves…..

But what if there were nothing to fix and just different choices to make? After all, ultimately everything’s energy and it is our intentions that begin the process of creating our physical realities.

What if being like a kid in the world is actually closer to our true nature? 

Kids dream and imagine. Adults plan and try and control.

Kids are engaged with what’s in front of them. They live in the moment. Adults mostly live in the past and the future.

Kids are spontaneous. Adults prefer structure.

Kids make up the rules as they go along. Adults stick to the rules.

Kids have a real strong knowing and can sense things intuitively with ease. Adults get stuck in their heads and try and ‘solve’ things with their minds.

Kids play. Adults don’t play enough.

Kids trust. Adults are suspicious.

Kids have fun. Adults want to tick their ‘to do’ lists and are engaged in the ‘serious’ business of living.

Kids are accepting. Adults judge themselves and everyone else.

Kids express themselves. Adults repress their emotions……

Maybe all the things we’re really looking for aren’t found in that job, house, relationship etc etc, maybe they’re to found by embracing the kid within each of us.

So kids v adults. Who’s really teaching who? Just saying.

How much are you really listening?

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I know that the universe is talking to us all the time. But how much are you really listening?

Recently, I was buying my lovely Mum some flowers.

I went into the shop and immediately saw some big, cream chrysanthemums. But I didn’t like them. Wrong colour. Wrong flower. Nope, not these ones.

So, I wandered round the circular flower display, but none of them were really calling me. I found myself back in front of the big, cream chrysanthemums.

My thoughts were going like this. ‘I do not like these, I’m not buying them. No.’

Ok, look again Laura. So, once again I wandered round the flowers, more slowly and more determinedly this time. But nothing was really grabbing my attention, and again I found myself standing back in front of the big cream chrysanthemums.

And then I started to smile. Hmmmm was the universe trying to talk to me?

While I wasn’t loving these flowers, I somehow felt that they were the ones I was supposed to get.  So I did.

Now, here’s where it gets magical.

I gave them to my Mum and here’s what she said, ‘Laura, these were your Gran’s favourite flowers’ 🙂 2013-07-03 13.29.37

I felt a shiver run through my body. Awesome!

I’m always telling my Mum that her Mum, my Gran, is always around her and her she was once again showing us that.

How utterly beautiful and magical. I was grinning, and for my Mum these were more than flowers.

So why am I sharing this simple story with you?

The flowers I didn’t like, turned out to the perfect flowers, and so much more than flowers.

So I guess this has made me more curious about what else could happen if  I dropped my judgements and listened more with my heart than my head?

I know, for me, it was a beautiful reminder of the magic that the universe is capable of when we listen to our hearts and follow these promptings.

These promptings always lead us to joy and love and is that not what this curious journey of living is really about?

So how much are you listening?

Do you live safe or live true?

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I don’t know about you, but do you ever feel like you’ve got it all figured out and then, in the next moment, everything goes out of focus and you’ve become all entangled in one of your deeply held stories?

How do you know that you’re entangled?

Well, because you experience emotions that are difficult to hold, and these emotions are indicators that you’ve somehow gotten out of balance with yourself.

So I have a story which kinda goes like this….. I find it hard to be truly vulnerable. It seems that sometimes I want to protect myself more than I want to open up.

Living in a society where individuality is not always embraced, welcomed or accepted, it can feel hard to allow ourselves to be truly vulnerable with another. We fear judgement and rejection. We want to be ourselves, yet we want to be accepted.

So here I am on this curious journey of living. I’m aware that I have this story. But I want to change it, because it’s limiting me.

The more I tell myself I find it hard to be vulnerable, the more I’m reinforcing the story and creating it in my life. But what if this story is just an old story that no longer serves me? A story from my past, which will only stay alive if I keep directing energy to it.

And really – who I am running from? Hmmm, probably myself.

I don’t know what being vulnerable means to you, but for me……

Being vulnerable is about being truly authentic in front of another.

Being vulnerable means I show all of me.

Being vulnerable means I live in the flow of the moment and not the story in my head.

Being vulnerable means I speak from my heart without worrying about what will, or won’t, come back to me.

Being vulnerable means I fully engage in the experience, and with person, in front of me.

Being vulnerable means I act from a place of love, not a place of fear.

Being vulnerable mean choose to stay open, even when it feels scary, and I don’t shut down. 

Living in our comfort zone may feel easier, but it can also make us feel like we’re not really living. Closing down from life means that we won’t experience all the awesome wonders and gifts that life has to offer us. It’s where the magic is.

I want to experience and live the magic. I want to live true, not safe.

That takes courage and practice. But courage is what I said in an earlier post will create the connection, inspiration and bliss that is on my menu for this year.

As I write this I smile, in itself this post is a step in the right direction.

So do you live safe or live true? What about you – when was the last time you allowed yourself to be truly vulnerable?

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